Kind Words

“This is a great story for young girls, focusing on true friendships and the characters’ love of adventures on horseback. A young reader can’t go wrong riding along in the pages with this group of cowgirls. The story brings back a time when kindness and caring were everyday habits.”

Shelley F. Mickle, Author of American Pharoah: Triple Crown Champion and Barbaro: America’s Horse


“Debra Segal, part archivist and part fiction writer, has woven truth and imagination into a nostalgic offering that anyone who knew Paynes Prairie in the ‘70’s will smile at upon reading.”

Jeri Baldwin, Publisher and Editor of AgriMag


“Segal’s book brings the cowgirls to life along with the times in which they lived. For those who enjoyed Patrick Smith’s look at an older Florida in A Land Remembered, I recommend putting The Idylwild Cowgirls on the same shelf.”

Barbara Brockman, Author of Wound and six picture books, including Fantastic Flight


“I enjoyed hearing about your writing process and how it evolved over time as you gathered material for your book. I see how rich and full your characters are because of your open generosity in using that lost art of listening. The collective memories of the cowgirls give empathy to your writing. You captured that bitter-sweet time in youth when we could be our authentic selves.”

Diane Pruitt

“Thank you for a gem of a book, that not just brought back the joys and heartache of my youth on horseback, but an enhanced appreciation of Alachua County.  Both friends I gave your book to loved it as well! “

Suzanne Woodward